Heya guys, welcome to my little space.

My name is Giulia and I am a third year Advertising and Marketing student at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. But, when I am not studying, I am usually back home in my lovely Milan.

My biggest passions are art, fashion, travel and design. This is why I would like to dedicate this little online space to them, where you can find a combination of art and everyday life, storytelling and visual telling.

The idea of this space is to celebrate art in all its forms and find the correlation between art and everyday life to show that art is not only something you can find in museums but also in your own life.

Do we share the same passions? Fantastic! Share your thoughts, questions or artworks with me: giulia1.cozzi@gmail.com.

Are you an artist who wants to share her artwork with the world or an artlover who wants to express her feelings about art? Contact me and tell me what art means to you and how it connects to your everyday life. I will post the artwork and caption on Instagram. In this way, we can build a great art community and spread the love for art worldwide 😉

I hope you enjoy your little visit and I hope this space will give you some inspiration and positive energy (they are never enough!).

Lots of love,