Couture – A worldly heaven

Dresses can really embody beauty. This was my first thought when I saw the wonderful dresses of Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Long skirts, elegant hairstyles and soft blouses. Today fashion weeks are not simply ways to showcase new collections, but real performing shows, where creativity and innovation blend together to create an immersive and beautiful space.

Browsing around different fashion websites, I found this selection of outfits that I love. Let me know what you think about them!


Chanel Haute Couture

A beautiful, ‘techno’ dress with a gorgeous voluminous gown. To feel like a modern princess.

Giorgio Armani Privè
WHAT-A-BEAUTY. I’m madly in love with this one. I love the small fringes and the precious cardigan. It all works so well together. And the colour..I’m seriously speechless!
Elie Saab 
Now, whenever I’ll have a fancy party, I want to wear this dress (let’s ignore the fact that
my legs are not even half of the ones of the model). It looks so angelic and I love the gold sprinkles all over it.
Christian Dior
I like the simplicity of this outfit: it is very elegant but without being excessive. And I do love the structure of the bustier. So baroque.
Zuhair Murad
This is a very cute dress. I love the shape of it and it reminds me of a lovely doll dress. The gold elements add a light and intensity to it. Simply perfect.
I’ve seen many other extremely beautiful dresses online, but I wanted to share the ones I do believe are beautiful but very classy at the same time, not excessive. What do you lovelies think?
Giulia xx

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