An imaginary house

In these past few years my love for design has intensified and even though I am far away from being an expert, I love to spend some time on lifestyle blogs or design catalogues to take inspiration. I like to imagine my future home and how I’d like to decorate it with pieces of furniture. Indeed, yesterday I happened browsing through the Italian IKEA’s website (I truly like it as a brand) and I found some pieces I would love to have in my future first home.


I don’t know why but I’ve always had a passion for armchairs. I like the fact that they are made for one person, maybe two when you want to stay close to your loved ones, to let you think, relax and take some time for yourself. I like to cuddle up and stay comfy while reading a book and the armchair is a perfect place because it makes me feel protected and safe. I would love to have a simple, linear armchair in my home, one that resembles nordic design, a neutral colour and not too big. Just enough for me, a place to go to when in need of a pause from the world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 14.00.09.png

VEDBO Armchair


I couldn’t find one on the IKEA’s website, but I know I’ve always wanted a bathtub in my bathroom. Careful, not a random bathtub, nope! I want an old one, the ones with feet that support the whole structure. I find them so romantic and old-fashioned and I absolutely love it! I like the idea of coming home from work, lit up some candles and have a nice long bath to enjoy silence after a hectic day. It is regenerative, a great way to recharge and absorb new energy for the following day.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 14.09.01.png

Hudson Reed Bathtub


I LOVE reading. In summer, I spend hours and hours reading novels, flicking through art books and search for new titles to read while on holiday. Therefore, my future home could never be complete without a bookcase. I like this one from IKEA because it is simple and I like the brown colour which gives warmth to the house. Plus, it’s long and narrow which means I could put three of them one next to the other to create one big bookcase. I’d love to keep one of those bookcases for art/design books that I’ve been collecting over the years, so it could be easy to simply go there and take a book off for inspiration.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 14.15.06.png

BRUSALI bookcase


Is a home even a home without at least some candles? I hardly think so! I’d like to have candles in my house, nothing to fancy, just plain white candles laid out around the house and some lanterns to give personality to the living area and my bedroom. I really like this candle holder because of the gold colour and the geometric pattern. You notice it’s there, it does decorate the house, however it’s not overwhelming. Candles are a great way to relax the senses: I love their flickering light and the sweet aroma they propagate.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 14.38.04.png

PARLBAND candlestick 


I’ve grown up in a house with a big garden and I’ve always loved to spend time immersed within nature and flowers. When living in a city, it is very hard to get some green around you and having some plants at home could be the perfect solution to enjoy the truly supportive spirit of nature. In the past few years I set my eyes on greenhouses: they are so pretty, usually white and they remind me of an old English countryside. I’d love to put one a windowsill, fill them with either flowers or succulents and enjoy their stillness at weekends, maybe while having a nice breakfast. What a dream!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 14.37.47.png


My dream house is still pretty far in time, however it’s always nice to have some clear ideas of few items I really would like to include. I like dreaming about styling it and exploring pieces that could go together, not necessarily in the same style, but that magically match together. For now, I’ll keep searching and annotating my findings and maybe one day they’ll all come under the same roof!

PS: all items and pictures are all taken (to the exception of the bathtub) from the Italian site of IKEA.

Giulia xx


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