Namibia: ready, set, go!

Good morning Beauties!

Last summer I’ve been lucky enough to visit a magnificent, memorable place: Namibia. A country in South-West Africa, full of sunrises and sunsets, of amazing people and regal animals. A place that takes a seat in your heart and never leaves. People talk about Mal d’Afrique, that feeling of nostalgia for the marvellous African continent, for its atmosphere and the sense of complete freedom it donates. I can now say that it is a true sentiment and I often end up longing for Namibia’s sand dunes and vastness.

I want to share with you the highlights of this wonderful holiday and the places that you should visit if you end up there. Trust me, you’ll never want to fly back home.

Sandwich Harbour

Sandwich Harbour is the first place on the list because I absolutely loved it. It is the place where the Namib desert meets the ocean: spectacular. We went on a day trip with Sand Waves and they drove us from Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, to this magnificent place, a timeless and spaceless place. It’s been a lot of fun: at the beginning, the desert and the ocean are quite distant from each other, looking like a massive beach, but as we moved towards the inside area, we reached a point where it was not possible to proceed anymore: the dune was meeting the ocean. At this point we had to (very happily) immerse ourselves in the desert and get lost in its dunes. A sense of freedom and stillness touched me and I wished I could stay there forever!


Etosha Park

Namibia is the home to many wild animals and a key reason people visit it is to do safaris. The Etosha Park is the most famous national park in Namibia and visitors can easily drive through to admire the beautiful animals you might see once in a lifetime: giraffes, zebras, oryx, elephants, rinos and the royal lion. The park organises game drives to allow tourists to spot the animals while they are drinking and resting and also around the park. At the Etosha I loved the free and wild atmosphere that permeates the park: you see the animals in their real habitat, you don’t interrupt them in what they’re up to, but you’re simply a silent watcher. The best experience was to see a lion and hear him roaring: it gave me goosebumps. Seriously. The sound is so deep, fierce and incredible. Something I’ll never forget!


Big Daddy – Sossusvlei

This is another part of our trip I seriously loved. We entered the Sossusvlei area early in the morning with our cool jeep as we had to arrive to the magnificent Big Daddy quite early in the morning to avoid the burning sun while climbing it up. Big Daddy is the tallest dune in the area and it requires some well done exercise to reach its top, but it’s totally worth it. You really feel on the top of the world with so many dunes all around you, it looks like a sea made of sand. A sense of freedom pervaded me as I was looking at all that immensity in front of me. The going down was fun too: I could run down with bare feet and sink into the sand!



Another truly stunning place. The Spitzkoppe is a group of isolated granite rocks in the Namib Desert. What’s funny is that these peaks really stand out from their flat surrounding and have different shapes that are quite weird. We visited a site of ancient rock art there and we walked up and down these massive rocks while enjoying the beautiful (and quite alienating) surrounding. Definitely a must see.


The road

I know, the road is not a place you visit while abroad. True, but if you visit Namibia, you’ll spend some (not to say many) hours in a car moving from a place to another, so the road becomes a sort of second home. And trust me, it’s a very scenic and nice second home to have! I love the fact that the landscape is ever changing: it seems to be on another planet, where many different places blend one into another to astonish the visitor. Mountains, desert, rocks, colours all come together and stare at you in all their beauty. What else can you do if not staring back at them with curiosity and a free mind?


In few words, Namibia is wonderful. It is a place you should definitely consider for your summer vacation as it will surely fill your heart and mind with beauty. Let me know if you’ve been there and your experience!

Giulia xx


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