4 art exhibitions to see this summer

Hello Beauties! Summer has finally arrived and I am back home in my lovely Milan. I am so excited to wander around the city, eat many ice-creams and check the latest and unmissable art exhibitions in town. These four are the ones I don’t really wanna miss.

1. The first is a really cool one at the MUDEC (Museo delle Culture) in Milan: the ‘Modigliani Art Experience’. There are no ‘real’ paintings, but it is a multimedia exhibition made of images, sound and music that immerse the visitor into the fascinating world of Amedeo Modigliani. It’s all about the atmosphere, the Paris life, the cursed artist and his love for beauty and women. Definitely a must see.

Info: MUDEC – Amedeo Modigliani

2. Another interesting exhibition is ‘Outfit 900’ at Palazzo Morando. Here you can find some gorgeous dresses worn by women at the beginning of the 20th century for special occasions such as weddings, gala or theatre nights. I’m really excited to see some dresses of the 1920s designed by the two famous Paris atelier of Worth and Liberty.


Here you can find the catalogue of the exhibition: Outfit ‘900

3. A must see is the Fondazione Prada that hosts interesting exhibitions of contemporary art. Even though it’s not a proper exhibition (it’s a museum) I really wanted to include it in here as I’ve never been to Fondazione Prada but I am really curious to see both its location and the unconventional exhibitions they always curate. The key question that moves all the work at Fondazione Prada is the role and mission of a cultural institution today, a role which should be inspiring and engaging in our everyday life. Also, there is a very nice cafe called Bar Luce which has been designed by Wes Anderson (I love his movies) and it recreates a typical coffeehouse of an old, disappeared Milan. A lovely stop for a coffee and a sweet fix.

Fondazione Prada
Bar Luce

Source: fondazioneprada.org

Info: Fondazione Prada

4. The last one is all about Italian design. It’s called ‘Triennale Design Museum Stories. Italian Design’ and it is at the Triennale Milano, our beautiful design museum. The exhibition tells the story of Italian design through a series of iconic objects from the 20th century developed around five current key themes: Geography, Communication, Politics, Technology and Economy. I’m really curious to delve deeper into this exhibition and discover the innovativeness and brilliance of Italian designers. Are you with me?



Info: Italian Design – Stories

These are my top visits for these upcoming summer months (I’m SO excited to be home and enjoy summer). I’ll add some more as I come across them. What do you guys really want to visit?

Giulia xx


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