Monday Inspiration


Good morning Beauties!

It’s the beginning of February: outside the trees have no leaves, the frost covers the fields and the sun shines cold on us. Winter is embracing us, its cold is pervading our bones, the tea keeps us warm while the world outside shivers.

Forget it. Embrace the winter outside and build your spring inside. Grow your own bright red poppies, feel the gentle breeze and admire the soft clouds. Look at this painting: a small heaven in few brushstrokes. Take inspiration from it and build your own heaven inside. It doesn’t matter if outside is raining as long as you have your small poppy field inside. You have to nurture it, to take care of it, to water it every day, to put love and effort to make it shine. But you can be sure that it will always protect you and give you the warmth you need. Admire the beautiful view, play freely, run, love and reflect. Your poppy field will help you to see the world differently, it will teach you to appreciate the beauty in life and show kindness to others. Your small poppy field will ensure it is always spring within you no matter how bad the weather is outside

What’s your poppy field?

Artwork: Claude Monet, ‘Poppy field’, 1873


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