Lovin’ art and technology…or not?

Is art silence and contemplation or can it be fun and interactivity? Should museums be places of admiration and introspection or can they become places where technology meets art and they live together happily ever after? In the recente years, thanks to new technologies, many museums have started offering a different type of approach to […]

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Where are you going?

    I have always loved train stations. And I have always equally loved trains. I don’t know why, it is the sensation of being on the move, of traveling somewhere, of holiday and happy moments. Waiting your train at the train station is a still moment: one of those moments where you are full […]

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  Follow my blog with Bloglovin Autumn is about colors. That warm red; the loud yellow; the calm brown. It is about their combination, how they change one into the other creating amazing choreographies. Walk around them, see how they blend softly like they do in impressionists paintings and breathe the humid air. A nice warm […]

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The beauty of nature

We walk in a world full of nature. Every day we see leaves, trees, grass, mountains, flowers and we consider them part of our human experience. We like to see the changing seasons, we like to go chestnutting and we like to climb trees and rocks. We like to feel the nature, to be almost […]

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Soft Autumn

Red leaves are falling gently from the trees. It is cold and rainy outside. Autumn is here, knocking on summer’s door. We have to let it in and enjoy its company. Wake up with a feeble light and a fluffy blanket to keep yourself warm. Drink a hot coffee with some sweets and please your gaze […]

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This love

Intensity. Passion. Love. Destruction. Grief. Desperation. Two lovers are kissing each other, fervently. They are lost into each other, there is no world outside; there are no obligations; there are no problems; there is nothing else except each other’s lips. They are inside, in a dark room; only a small window lets some light come […]

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Relaxing September

Autumn is coming, it’s undeniable. Temperatures are getting lower, leaves are falling from the trees and hot chocolates are taking the place of cold smoothies. So why don’t we enjoy a last summer retreat? A beautiful complex of thermal baths in the heart of Tuscany, where the green hills greet you every morning, where the […]

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Shall we take a selfie?

  Everyone has taken at least one single selfie in their lifetime. Maybe that time when you felt your hair was perfect or maybe that night before going out with your friends when you had a stunning make up on your face. It is human nature, we want to show to others and to ourselves […]

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Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe

Paris, 1863. Edouard Manet presented his artwork, ‘Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe’, at the Salon. His artwork was rejected: it was too scandalous and shocking for the Empire. Why? Look, a naked woman is looking directly at the viewer, with a provoking gaze. The other two men act as if everything appeared normal: a casual picnic with […]

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A Fashion Week party

  Hello dear September! New starts, new projects, new ideas blossom after the relaxing summer months. Enjoy the light sun that hides behind fluffy clouds, smile to the people you love, practice yoga in the morning to feel the beauty of life. Create your new daily routine, make promises and resolutions, start the new healthy […]

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